Why Online Ads are Essential for eCommerce

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For e-commerce, it’s a no-brainer that the best way to reach customers and attract new ones is through online ads. You want to reach potential customers in the places they spend most of their time and showcase items that are tailored to their interests.

Promotion is important for any type of business to let others know about it. With the help of advertisements, a consumer gets the best possible options. The aim of every promotional campaign is to enable the products to reach the right people by increasing awareness about the product, its benefits, and drawbacks. This is important for the success of a business.

Achieving success in business is not guesswork or by experiment. You may know what SEO is about via reading blog posts and articles but the feeling is different when it comes to website optimization. You may need the assistance of an SEO Agency to do this.

7 Reasons to advertise online

However, there is just a little difference between the practical and theoretical knowledge of SEO – the difference is in the practices. It could be tough to master SEO. Hence, many people love the SEO approach for their web-based businesses.

7 Reasons to advertise online  - Qera Digital Marketing

These are 7 reasons you should be advertising online: 

  1. Insight

You know exactly which ads brought in the highest number of qualifying leads and how many impressions were served, where they were served, and when. You can Identify your optimal channels, ad copy, and ad locations. The metrics and analytics available with online advertising allow you to see the exact cost of acquiring and converting a customer. Advertising online provides you with endless insight allowing you to develop more effective campaigns. Marketers went from having no data to more data than we know what to do with. This is a great problem to have.

  • Custom audiences

When you’re marketing your e-commerce store, you’re going to want to make sure you’re targeting the right people. With social advertising, you can aim your posts at specific audiences based on existing customer data.

Armed with this information, you can choose to have your adverts targeted at individuals who already match your existing customer profile. It’s as easy as that to find your next army of brand advocates via social ads.

  • Cost Efficiency

One of the largest benefits of online advertising is that it is much more affordable compared with other traditional advertising methods.

Even on a shoestring budget, business owners can access a fairly wide audience and stretch their marketing dollars further.

Google estimates that for every $1 you spend on Google Ads, you’ll earn back $2 in revenue. That’s a 200% ROI — not something to be sniffed at

  • Keep Your Customer Relationships Going

Every customer is valuable. Digital marketing automation makes it possible to stay in touch with these valued customers long after they’ve made a purchase. 

Customers are vital in every business. They decide success or otherwise in every business. Hence, the goal is to maximize customers and drive a lot of them to the website.

Keeping Your Customer Relationships Going - Qera Digital Marketing

Research has proven that customers stay faithful to businesses that have a great website. Customers help to heighten the organic presence of the website and give it a better rank to reach possible and potential customers.

Customers can be automatically sorted into relevant mailing lists, directed into retargeting audiences, and enticed to convert time and time again.

Beyond raw conversions, continuing your relationship with customers will help your brand to stay relevant & trusted, and ideally become a household name. 

  • Growing Influence

It’s predicted that spending for online ads and specifically social ads will drastically increase in the coming years. Advertising your e-commerce business online is truly becoming the norm and there’s no time like the present to get in the game. You can’t help if your store’s revenue skyrockets on account of your awesome online ads.

  • Specialization

SEO strategy is a serious job and it requires one to be an expert at that business. it is a smart choice to only specialize in a particular niche since one runs a website.

Specialization will allow them to have a target audience that will help the business. It will make one focus on that which works and should be the core activity of the company.

  • Campaign performance is all in your hands 

Thanks to the campaign optimization options, marketers don’t have to sit and wait for their campaigns to work. They can actively make a positive impact on their campaigns’ outcomes.

Campaign performance; all in your hands - Qera Digital Marketing

Retargeting isn’t just about performance or conversions, either — a large number of consumers say that retargeting serves as a convenient reminder to visit the website that they intended to return to. Not only that, but online viewers also appreciate the introduction to new products and services based on their interests. 

 A comprehensive advertising strategy includes multiple platforms, audiences, and advertising formats. It’s a lot to juggle. Nowadays, it’s all about leveraging technology to make the most of your time and budget, including the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in various aspects of your business to enhance and personalize services. To save time and maximize ROI, invest in an ad management team that’s able to design, implement, track, report on, and manage your advertising campaigns. 

4 Advantages of using an SEO Company

Do you want to hire an SEO Company? Well, you should as there are several benefits they offer to your business.

  1. You can do other activities while you focus on sales

When you allow a good company handles your SEO services for you, you will be able to run your business and achieve a more positive result. The company handles the rest while you go through less stress worrying about the performance of the website.

  • Increment in visibility

The reason to use an SEO company is to increase visibility. You want your online presence to be strong and there is no better way to do this than E-commerce.

You would be surprised that your company would rank well. Handle the control of things to the SEO company and watch your brand grow.

Increment in visibility with analysis -Qera DIgital Marketing
  • Reduced level of risk

Carrying out online ads by yourself may not be as effective as expected because you are not able to analyze like a professional. You may not include your competitors or even record some other levels of failure.

However, using the service of a company will be different because their services are professional. They have the right knowledge about possible failures, Google penalties, and other challenges the business may face.

  • Customer retaining

The ability to retain customers is crucial to the growth of a business. You have to keep the current customers as you are trying to secure new ones.

Hence, an E-commerce SEO Company will help your business to retain customers. In a short time, you would record a tangible state of business strengthening and expansion.


Without much ado, E-commerce is the new big deal for any business. Your online presence matters because it allows far-reaching customers to patronize you.

If you want to go global, take advantage of online ads and e-commerce.