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What's in our famous digital audit? Well, we meticulously review your digital presence. We look at everything from your company's description on Facebook to the lines of code on your website for SEO. The free audit will show you what you are doing well, the things that you should improve, and we even give you the tools & methods so that you can fix these issues yourself. OH! Did I mention that it was free with absolutely no strings attached? It is 😉

Free Audit.

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Facebook Advertising

Hyper-relevant offers directly in the hands of your dream customer.


Hyper-relevant offers directly in the hands of your dream customer.

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We've systemised business growth in 3 simple steps.

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Our Work.

Search Engine Optimization

UI and UX Web Development

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Social Media Management

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"Working with Qera is a blast! We came to Qera for SEO and social media management but now they handle all of our digital marketing. We were genuinely impressed with their world-class work and timely completion. The results speak for themselves!"

"Something that is always very important to us as a company is the communication. Qera has some of the best communication that we have ever seen in a marketing company. They are always on top of things and make sure that we get everything we need on time. Great working with them."

"Extremely talented group of individuals with a passion to help you succeed. We couldn't have accomplished all that we did without them and we are eternally grateful"

"What I love about working with Qera is there willingness to always go the extra mile for every project they work on. They don’t just do the work they care about each project and about your success. This company is a great addition to my growing team!"