How Shopify sellers are increasing their organic revenue

by 144% or more in 90 days with SEO 7X

We use this same SEO strategy to get hundreds of clients a 35X - 45X return every single year… Can your precious ads get you that?


The Seat Shop’s lifetime ROI was 11x by the 4th month

Organic Search Revenue

$ 0
Monthly ROI on the 6th month: 10.5x

Organic Search Revenue

$ 0
Smiles of chandler’s organic keywords grew +56 in 1 Month.

Keywords Up

Organic revenue up +144% in just 90 days. Between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023.

Organic Search Revenue

$ 0
Monthly ROI on 12th month: 46.8x

Organic Search Revenue

$ 0

In 90 days, 56.4% of Righteous Felon’s total revenue came from SEO.

Organic Search Revenue

$ 0

Brands we’ve scaled:

Last year more than 50% of all purchases on the internet were made after a Google search

SEO 7X ranks you number 1 quickly and keeps you there.

Here’s how we do it

Revenue Driven SEO Optimization

Transform your online presence with our data-backed SEO strategies. No shady tactics—just intensive keyword research, compelling content, and technical expertise to optimize your site. Experience success with precision and impact.

Content Creation & Link Acquisition

Elevate your site’s SEO game with our Content Creation & Link Acquisition services. Benefit from professionally crafted blog posts, 40+ hours monthly for organic backlink building from a network of 100,000 websites, and strategic guest posts. Our meticulous internal linking ties it all together, propelling your website to new heights in search engine rankings.

7X the Manpower, 7X the Results

Unlock extraordinary SEO success with our dedicated team of seven specialists per client. Unlike relying on a single freelancer, our powerhouse of experts skillfully handles every aspect of SEO. With seven times the manpower, we deliver remarkable SEO results in a significantly shorter timeframe.

Qera SEO Guarantee:

If there’s no improvement in your keywords after 3 months we’ll work for free until there is.

Our 8-step scaling process:

Website & Competitor Analysis
Understanding what competitors are doing so you can rank higher than them.
Keyword Research
Finding high-volume, low-competition keywords to get big wins.
On-Page Optimization
Making your site loved by visitors—and search engines.
Link Building
Building linkable assets that build your domain authority and acquiring the backlinks.
Trusted-Site Submissions
Building linkable assets that build your domain authority and acquiring the backlinks.
Weekly Keyword Reporting
Weekly reports that give deep insight into the keywords you’re ranking for.
Monthly Performance Reporting
Understanding how your site is performing with SEO each month.
Evergreen Traffic, Qualified Leads, and Money in Your Pocket
Enjoy the long-lasting benefits of a quality SEO machine.

You don’t need another agency. You need a PARTNER.


We marry deep technical expertise, unique perspectives, and rigorous testing together to deliver massive traffic, qualified leads, and ultimately, more conversions.

We care about your revenue. 


While clicks, impressions, and keyword rankings are great, our attention is on driving you dollars, not bringing window shoppers.


With over $120M in organic revenue from Google, no one sells products on Google like we do.


After 12 months, all of our clients see a 35-45x return on their investment. 


Does Zuckerberg give you that?


Frankly, our results speak for themselves.

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