Pinterest Ads- eComs Hidden weapon and How to Use them in 2022

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Pinterest ads are new to most people in eCommerce. Often the idea of ‘Pinterest Pins’ gives off an air of uncertainty or even trepidation. But they are something that you should be paying attention to, as they are going to be a game-changer for eCommerce businesses.

Why You Need Pinterest Ad in 2022
Why You Need a Social Media Ad in 2022

To ensure a constant inflow of buyers, you need to always put your business out there in the face of almost everyone such that at every opportunity, your business comes to the minds of customers and prospects too.

Just like the popular saying: “tell me and I’ll forget but show me and I’ll remember”, your business needs to be visible. This is where digital adverts come into play.

Social media Digital adverts such as Pinterest Ads offer you the luxury of reaching the nook and cranny of the planet from your timezones. Social media just like its name has proven to be the largest platform where your target audience can be easily reached.

The importance of using social media for your adverts can be related to the use of different means of transportation to get to your destination i.e an airplane will be faster than a car. Therefore, social media(airplane) helps you get to your destination (audience) faster and easier too.

Your choice for a particular social media platform to use depends on your kind of business and the demography(age, gender, location, etc)  of your audience or target market.

Hidden Weapon of Pinterest
Hidden Weapon of Pinterest - PPC Ad

Designs are imaginations brought to reality using the art of creativity, but sometimes starting these designs can be quite tasking where there are no prototypes to follow or draw inspiration from.

…ever had an issue with getting the perfect style that describes the ideas sitting comfortably in your imagination?

One of the most common sites that comes to mind when on the lookout for style inspiration or ideas translation with regards to the image is  Pinterest. It is regarded as an image-based social media, unlike Facebook which is content-based.

Pinterest displays beautiful images known as Pins with short descriptions beneath or beside the image. Pinterest has gradually grown to become the most popular social media for getting images, style ideas, or inspirations for various purposes.

Pinterest is also available as a mobile application which makes it a lot easier for users to access it on the go without stress.

As of the third quarter of 2021, the number of  Pinterest registered users had increased to 444 million from  442 million users in the third quarter of 2020(one year earlier). This means that the site continues to attract more users with time, after all, good images are pleasing sights to behold.

Pinterest for Ecommerce

How do all of these metrics and information concern you, especially as an eComs operator?

The answer is not far-fetched; the world has tilted away from the traditional marketing methods of print media and its likes to digital marketing techniques, of which social media appears to top the list.

Using this stated fact, eComs are always on the lookout for more customers by placing their adverts on social media sites.

Since Pinterest is a regularly visited social media site, one can leverage that popularity to place ads to reach a wider audience which could generate sales leads.

Why Pinterest Advertising Will Be a Great Fit for Ecommerce
Why Pinterest Advertising Will Be a Great Fit for Ecommerce

 Technology continues to make life easier by rebranding the traditional systems that we are used to and also reducing stress and time.

One of such developments is in the buying and selling technique which requires one to go to the market or shop as in times past but now one can easily do those market activities on e-commerce sites.

eComs(e-Commerce) are online stores offering products and services; just like the local store down the street corner but this time from the comfort of home with as simple as a click on your mobile device.

eComs make buying and selling a lot easier and cheaper too by offering discounts for bulk purchases. Considering the high rate of eComs springing up by the day, you need to put your best foot out to ensure that you remain in business. This is one of the reasons you should utilize Pinterest Ads for your business in 2022.

 Imagine having your business advertised on a platform that has an average of 1million users daily, what this implies is that you could be getting a minimum of 50% of that number (i.e 500,000 users) viewing your ad daily.

Going further,  an average of 10% (50,000) of the users who viewed your advert could be inspired or moved by what they see and then go ahead to make a positive move of clicking the “contact us” button linking to your website.

These clicks not only increase site views for your website analytics but could in turn lead to sales generation and add some digits to your cash inflow.

Hey, there is no need to leave it to your imagination as you can make it a reality by using Pinterest Ads for your business. Cool right?

Pinterest Ad, Audit, and Analysis
What are Pinterest Ads?

Ads (a short form of adverts) are materials such as texts, images, videos, audio e.t.c used to promote a product or service. These materials contain a brief description of the value offered by your product or services and the amount placed on the value proposed.

Ads could be free or paid, the latter is the case most times as you would be leveraging on the black popularity of another platform to push your business further into the limelight.

Pinterest Ads are paid Pins used by businesses to promote their products or services. These Pin Ads can be found in the Feed or Search results of the Pinterest site or mobile application. A click on the Pin Ads takes you to the website of the company where you can make more inquiries or even purchase.

Why Pinterest Ads?

 If you are keen on growing your eCom in 2022, Pinterest Ads should top your list of social media Ads to implement. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you go for Pinterest Ads. They include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • More Visibility for your business
  • Drives traffic
  • Sales  Boost
  • More profits
How to create Pinterest Ad
How to create Pinterest Ad

Before creating a Pinterest Ad, you should kindly confirm if Pinterest Ad is available for Business accounts in your region. Meanwhile, creating a Pinterest Business Account is the overall first step.

After you’ve confirmed the availability of Pinterest Ads in your region, you can now go-ahead to create an Ad. There are two methods in creating a Pinterest Ad. They are:

  1. Creating an ad in an existing campaign

This means that you already have a campaign running and would like to add more promotional materials. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Pinterest Business Account
  2. Go to Ads and click Reporting
  3. Select the campaign you want to add an ad to
  4. Click the Ads group and select the Ad you want to add Pins to
  5. Select the Pins you wish to add and click Publish when you are done selecting
  6. You can also check the selected Pins by clicking Review Pins
  7. Lastly, click Launch. It will submit your Ad to Pinterest for final review before users can view

b. Creating an ad in a new campaign

  1. Log in to your Pinterest Business Account
  2. Go to Ads and click Create  Ads
  3. Select Pins you want to Promote
  4. Click  Review Selected Pins to add details to your ad
  5. Click Launch. This sends your Ad request to the Pinterest team for review before publishing for users to view and interact with your Ad
Targeting the right audience with Pinterest Ads
How to Instantly Increase Sales with Pinterest Ads

 The goal of an Ad is not only to reach a wider audience and make more returns from the publicity but to also send the right message across. You wouldn’t want your advert to look like a music video album launch when in reality you are advertising an e-commerce store.

 In this case, certain priorities should be put into consideration.

Utilizing Pinterest Ads for your business depends on the kind of products or services you offer and the type of campaign you intend to run with your Ads.

The type of campaign here means what exactly you are publicizing for. Is it for brand awareness, video views, or sales proper?

 Pinterest offers a variety of campaigns that determine the format of Ads i.e the kind of promotional materials to use for the chosen campaign.

The campaigns offered by Pinterest and the corresponding Ads format  includes:

  1. Catalog Sale

Ads Format: Collections of clothes, fashion items, etc

  1. Video Views

Ad Format: Short skits or videos

  1. Conversions

Ads Format: Carousel, videos, pictures

  1. Consideration:

Ads Format: Pictures, videos, collections

  1. Brand Awareness

Ads Format:Collection,videos,carousel,pictures

Staying ahead of your competitors with Pinterest Ad
What Next?

Knowing something is one aspect, going further to practice the knowledge is a different ball game altogether. Meanwhile, who says you need to wear all the caps in your business? Business operations become seamless when tasks are shared and dutifully carried out. Do not conclude your business plans for 2022 until you get started with Pinterest Ad.