Best E-commerce Product to sell for Black Friday and Christmas

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Black Friday and Christmas are the ideal times to build a successful e-commerce store. People want to shop from the comfort of their homes, thanks to smartphones and the joy of the season. Plus, Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales drive many online sales so businesses can make a lot of money during these two months.

Yet, as an eCommerce seller, it’s not easy to narrow down a profitable niche in a crowded market. There’s a lot of factors that go into choosing a good niche that can earn the biggest profits in a short time. Read on to know  what product and how to choose the best products that will generate the highest ROI during black Friday and Xmas

Read on to know what product and how to choose the best ones that will generate the highest ROI during Black Friday and Christmas.

What Makes a Profitable BlackFriday and Christmas Product?

The best products to sell for Black Friday and Christmas are not those with the highest profit margins. Instead, the best products are those where there is a substantial spendable market.

One way to find out is to look at the success of similar products. If you find nothing similar, then there probably isn’t one. But if you can find something similar, then it probably tells you something about what is desirable.

Besides, the most important characteristic of a successful e-commerce product is that it is different. E-commerce is competitive. With so many products available online, it takes something truly unique to gain the attention of consumers.

What Makes a Profitable BlackFriday and Christmas Product? - Qera

While the types of products may differ, certain criteria must be met for a product to become successful. Below are some characteristics of profitable Black Friday and Christmas Products. To ensure that your product will be profitable for this holiday season, we recommend assessing the following characteristics:

Large Audience

A product does not have to be popular to be profitable. But if it is not, it is less likely to succeed. The number one determinant of whether a product will be profitable is the audience for your product. If the audience is small, and the product is complicated and expensive, the product will probably not be profitable. For a product to be profitable it must be in demand.

High-Profit Margin

It’s easy to get carried away with discount offers. But the trick is to find the right balance between your profit margin and your discount. A good product to offer your customers must have enough profit margin that will make you comfortable offers or discounts to increase your sales.

Timeless Products

A product that is always in demand throughout the year is timeless Because shoppers have had an interest in these items all year, they do well during Black Friday. The extra discount will give them an extra incentive to make the purchase.

High Value

Customers are willing to spend a lot of money on products that have a high perceived value. Such products are amazing to sell on Black Friday and Xmas since you can offer a big discount on them.


A product that will sell better during the holiday season like Xmas is a product that can be purchased as a gift. Also, people use Black Friday to buy this product at a lower price. As a seller, you should take advantage of these opportunities.

Hobby Products

Most of the time, people are struggling to determine what to give to friends and family during the Christmas season. They choose products based on the hobby of the person to be gifted. As a seller, you can benefit from this by selling hobby products.


Your product must be effective. It must be unique, but it must also be functional. If the item will not perform in a way that is advantageous to the buyer, then its chances of success will be limited.

9 best eCommerce products to sell during Black Friday and Christmas
9 best eCommerce products to sell during Black Friday and Christmas - Qera

Below you will find our hand-picked list of hot items and niches that are expected to sell out during the Black Friday/Christmas season. These are the products that have the highest demand, greatest potential to sell, and where you can earn the biggest profits in a short amount of time.

1. Best-selling toys

The best toys sell themselves. And the best toys are usually the toys that other people already have. That’s the logic behind the “The Best Seller” list, which tells you what toys are hot. And it’s the logic behind websites that sell “Best Sellers”. Amazon, for example, has a page devoted to the top-selling toys of the year. And a quick search for “best selling toys” on Amazon will turn up dozens of hits. These are toys that other people have wanted and still want. They are “Best Sellers” because they sell well.

2. Smartwatches and Fitness Tracker

There is a huge demand for all kinds of smartwatch devices during Black Friday and Christmas. The two main reasons are, firstly, they are less expensive in the holiday season meaning there are good deals, fewer offers in general compared to other months in the year. Secondly, people want to reach their fitness goals before the year ends, so there is high demand for smartwatches and fitness trackers.

3. Games

Electronic games such as controllers, consoles, and PC games are good to sell during Black Friday because consumers love to buy these items during special sales. Card games also sell because people love to play card games with family and friends and black Friday is a perfect opportunity to buy them and enjoy these activities together.

4. Electronics

Electronics are another product that is best to sell during Black Friday. People are looking to buy cheap electronic products. Every year before Christmas, people are looking forward to buying cheap appliances, LED TV or any other product that will help them decorate their house.

5. Food Gifts

Food Gifts are great holiday items to sell online at Christmas. Food gifts are consumable, meaning they will be used during the celebration of Christmas. The biggest sellers are Chocolate, Cheese, Coffee, Dairy Produce, Biscuits, Sweets, Preserves, Dried foods.

6. Kitchen Appliances

During the holiday season, people do a lot of entertainment. The best Xmas kitchenware to sell during this season is an electric pressure cooker, air fryer, hand mixer set, hand blender set, multi-cookers, and other small electricals.

7. LED lights

LED lights are a great eCommerce product to sell during Black Friday and Christmas. It is a small-size product that has a variety of applications that appeals to a lot of people. Also, they will be more likely to purchase during this period because the products are used as decoration, especially for Christmas trees.

8. Male and female Wears

When Christmas is here, Male and female clothes are the most wanted items. You can choose to sell it at a discount on Black Friday to make customers satisfy their shopping needs.

9. Christmas Tree set

As the Christmas season approaches, people scramble to buy gifts for their loved ones. The best presents are usually the kind that can be used year-round or for different occasions. Therefore, it is a good idea to sell Christmas tree sets if you are opening an online shop for this occasion. Tree sets are also bought with childlike toys thus making it a good combo for both kids and adults.

Marketing Strategies: Selling more products during BlackFriday and Christmas

Black Friday and Christmas are the biggest shopping days of the year for millions of eCommerce customers. And with millions of potential customers, it’s a prime opportunity for retailers to increase sales.

Selling more products during BlackFriday and Christmas - Qera

Every year, people flock to stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Kohl’s to scoop up hot deals on the hottest gifts, toys, and electronics. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are prime days for retailers to increase sales, but holiday shoppers are armed with more information than ever.

Almost half of the shoppers (44%) said last year that they planned to do most of their holiday shopping online, and 33% said their purchases would be limited to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

So how do you harness the rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? Here are four tips that can help you make the most of your eCommerce business this holiday season:

Focus on the customer experience

If you can increase the overall customer experience, you’ll increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases. This includes everything from instant shipping to easy returns. Even something as simple as an email thanking your customers for their purchase can go a long way.

Develop a plan for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday can be an exciting day for e-commerce businesses, but it’s particularly important for retailers who don’t sell exclusively on Black Friday. With fewer customers on Cyber Monday, the shopping experience is even more important.

Offer expedited shipping

This can help to drive sales and get customers’ attention. According to UPS, 60% of customers say they’ll abandon their shopping cart if shipping isn’t available.

Offer free shipping

Offering free shipping can bring in hundreds of millions of dollars for retailers during the holiday shopping season. And free shipping isn’t the only thing that helped businesses bring in big bucks over the holidays. Same-day delivery also drove huge revenue boosts for retailers.

Marketing strategy for ecommerce during Black Friday and Christmas.
Conclusion: Optimize Your eCommerce for SEO

Well, that’s it. The 9 best products to sell during Black Friday and Christmas as well as some really useful strategies to help you sell more!  We hope you found this list helpful and will use the tips to make Black Friday and Christmas a prosperous experience for your online business. Nevertheless, choosing the right product to sell is one thing, but you also need to make your e-commerce visible when prospects search for products during this period through an effective SEO strategy. We offer SEO optimization for eCommerce, and you can also browse our other blog posts on how to optimize an e-commerce page.