Client Acquisition

One of the biggest issues I encountered as an agency owner was getting quality and vetted leads. 

 I was always met with three harsh realities:

1. Not getting enough leads.
2. The leads I got weren’t qualified.
3. And if they were qualified, they weren’t interested in my services.

If you can relate

Who is this for?

Anyone that wants clients. Really. Anyone with a high ticket service, whether a brick and mortar aesthetician, a SaaS for businesses, credit repair for consumers, an email marketing agency for e-commerce, or a health and wellness trainer for the elderly. It’s for you.


Maybe we can put the “who is this for” in like a chat type bubble in the middle of the page. Like our current “About Us” page. The flow of this landing page needs to be like the rest. While the colors can be slightly different, we do need to follow the same design scheme.

If you are interested in being one of the few businesses we implement and manage this strategy for,

take this brief survey.

We take on one agency every month that is serious about growth and impacting the world around them.


If you are selected, here is what you get.

What we do.

We will implement a specific strategy tailored to your unique company.

We will create and manage all Ads.

We will hire, train, and manage your appointment setters and sales team.

What you have to do: Nothing. Just sit back, relax, and fulfill those orders flooding in.

No setup fee required; we only get paid commission on the clients we bring in. You read that right, no setup fee required. 

Now that you read that twice, you might want to scroll back up and take that survey.

If you want to learn what we learned after not sleeping and not eating for a year, read this free step-by-step guide we have created for you.

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