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Jk lol. We know how hard you work to ensure that your product is perfect and your company is running like a well oiled machine. That is why we are offering this FREE AUDIT of your entire digital presence. Our analytics team evaluates everything your company has online. We tell you what you are doing well, what you need to improve, and offer a variety of solutions and tools for you to tackle these improvements on your own.

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We are only offering these audits for a short period since we calculate that it is worth over $2000 and we are giving it away for free… you don’t even have to talk to us ever again… Literally doesn’t make sense. Who’s idea was this?

Audit your Ad Account

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Creating profitable ad accounts isn’t an easy taste. There are so many elements including an extensive evaluation of what your customers, their needs, where they are (we all wish they just came to you), and making sure that you have the best creative possible. The fact of the matter is, there are SO many products out there, so every single detail matters. 

We can’t tell you how many dollars of ad spend that we have seen wasted because of not paying attention to the details. It haunts us. Our ads manager cries himself to sleep every night. Please, for his sake, let us audit your ad account! We’ll even give you the best strategy. Yes, all for free, no strings attached.

Check out our ads program here.  We’re the best in the biz. Ask our moms. 

Is your ecom store on the first page of Google?

Don’t call us crazy, but this isn’t hard to do and we have it down to a science. Check out what we call SEO 7X our preposterous plan to get you organic traffic 7X faster than our competitors (for the same price 😉).

Any of these sound familiar?

  • We aren’t ranking for any keywords (or at least not the ones that matter)
  • I am not getting repeat customers through my efforts
  • There are slow sales on new products I’ve just launched
  • Have trouble finding inspiration for new blog content
  • I am unclear of the direction and goals for my business
  • Advertising is too expensive — but I’m not getting enough organic traffic
  • Poor quality content created by non-native English speakers
  • No one finds me when they search on google
  • My website is too outdated and people don’t browse for very long

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Qerā’s sole purpose is to dive deep into your website so that we can understand why you aren’t getting the organic traffic that you deserve. Our free audit also includes the tools and explanations of how you can fix these issues as well.

We're serious... won't be giving these audits out for free much longer

Do you have any idea how long it takes us to do an audits this packed with value? Like a lot. And to be honest, many businesses take it and run (they thank us at least). So get it before we realize how bad of an idea this is. Go ahead. Type your name. Type your mail. Type your website. Click send. Do it.  

Did I mention you’ll have it in your inbox in less than a week? Come on. We’re waiting. 

Value of a
Complete Social Media Audit

Qerā is your data-driven marketing solution. Don’t fumble aimlessly in the dark with your marketing strategies. Here are some of the benefits of our custom marketing performance audit.

  • Clarifies your position in the market and provides benchmarking
  • Helps you understand and compare competitors and identify gaps in their research
  • Gives you a better understanding of your customers so you can better serve them
  • Allows you to identify an appropriate time for new products or services
  • Helps you to implement strategy, track progress, achieve goals, improve efficiency, reduce waste or even change direction if required
  • Find out if the time you’re spending on social media is paying off
  • Understand industry trends, demands, and opportunities to take advantage of market growth
  • Get insight into key performance indicators such as productivity, growth, competition, profitability

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Delay can be deadly for e-Commerce, especially as this niche continues to grow. You need to establish a foothold before the competition does. We can help you get there. And we are fast, really fast. Request your audit now.

You're here because we're good at what we do. Hurry before we do the same for your competitor.

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